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Interactive Media Makers

After the emergence of the “Do-It-Yourself” culture, we are going into a new movement, the Makers. This modern culture is based on the idea that ordinary people can build, repair, modify and manufacture the most diverse types of solutions and projects with “their own hands”.

Interactive Media Makers is a result of the union of great ”makers” of the digital world. Professionals with vast experience accumulated over the last 20 years and willing to share all this online and offline culture in intelligent, complete and tailor-made solutions

Where we are



With this unique IMMakers format you will have at the same time a Native Video campaign conveyed in secure content, contextualized and with up to 90% viewability.

Push Premium + Native Ads

With these formats of high impact and engagement we will take those who are interested in your message directly to your hotsite, promotion, special offer and so on.

The joint action of Push Premium + Native will value and generate visits to the rich content available on your site or social networks.

Influencers + Programática

With this duo you will have high engagement + expansion and power to thousands of people within the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Influencers produce rich content during their actions and this can and should be used strategically in your Programmatic campaign.


The search for qualified leads by companies is growing. But achieving this is not so simple and care is needed in choosing a reliable partner.

We work with various advertising formats and platforms that together will generate records that can actually be converted into results.

Wi-Fi + Mobile

You know that moment that the visitor of a certain place asks:

“What is the wifi password?”

It is at this time that users will be impacted by your video or banner and directed to your site. Due to the adequacy of its advertising with the public of these places the index of people who effectively demonstrate interest by its content is very high. Joint action with geographically targeted mobile will increase your coverage around the Wi-Fi connection points.

Social Media

Our professionals will be an extension of your focused team responsible for social media. Your professionals can devote their precious time to create strategies, setting objectives, target audience, creation of promotional materials and all that matters most. We’ll take care of the operational part of building filters, uploading advertising pieces, scheduling the campaign, optimizing them and delivering consolidated reports periodically.

App Install

Did you know that over 90% of downloaded apps today are deleted on the same or next day?

Do not just have your app downloaded, it should be downloaded by who really has interest. Our campaigns are focused on “qualified download”. We use the largest platforms for spreading your app. Know the “makers” way of doing, and have downloads with activations.

E-mail Marketing

72% of companies use email marketing in their marketing strategies. This proves that “good old email” was and will continue to be, one of the most effective ways to impact a specific target.

With bases double opt-in, we will deliver your e-mail for those who really want to receive and within the lifestyle you set.

Special Projects

The more information you share with us (goals, challenges and expectations), the more we can create special and tailor-made projects to suit you. For this we have experienced professionals and technology to bring your ideas to life.

Special cluster :: LGBTQ +

The largest advertisers have already understood that this audience often represents a very important share in the consumption of their products.

Here at IMMakers you can take your campaign to the two largest digital communities in Brazil and the world.

Special cluster :: Travelers

Group with more than 4 million people about which we know: Frequency, reason, destination, consumption, type of hotel and other preferences of each traveler.

Special cluster :: Pets

Group with more than 4 million people who own pets about which we know: Which species, breed, house or apartment, grooming frequency, type of feed and more.


We make more, when we make together.


Diversified portfolio.


Budget optimization to overcome expectations.


Daily analysis of user behavior to suggest adjustments.

Digital Media

Use of combos, one or more products, to the same campaign.


Professionals with over 20 years of experience in their respective areas.

special projects

New solutions to surprise users and advertisers.


Your campaign is our campaign, our need is to meet the needs of our customers.


Some of our Makers



Professional with more than 22 years of experience in the digital world. Accumulated experiences in Internet companies in its most varied segments.

“IMMakers is the achievement of a dream matured for many years. My intention was to bring together experienced, practical and willing people to really make it happen, to wear our shirt and take on the challenges of our customers. Now I finally have these people next to me.”

+55 11 5504 1993



18 years of experience in the environmental market, developing and leading teams to reach the goals of growth, profit and sustainability, wherever he passed and especially for his clients in various sectors.

“I arrive in IMMakers to add distinct knowledge, bringing new questions, deploying consistent management methods and instigating the professional growth of the team”

+55 11 5504 1993



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+55 11 5504 1993

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We make more, when we make together!

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